Huge Archeological Discovery made today in Wiltshire England



Huge archeological discovery was made today in Wiltshire England consisting of a grand Roman villa dated AD 175-220.  This is one of Britain’s most important discoveries in current years.

The site was found after a couple living on the property decided to convert an old barn into a children’s playroom. Electricians cabling underground hit upon a set of mosaic tiles which prompted the excavation.  After much digging, the site appears to be a grand villla from a  Roman family of huge wealth.

“The Irwins’ house, created out of two labourers’ cottages, was built in the centre of the old villa and rests on a large slab of Purbeck marble, which is probably of Roman origin. According to the experts, the discovery is of “national significance.

The rest of the site has not been touched since the house collapsed more than 1,400 years ago, and it is unquestionably of enormous importance,” said Dr David Roberts, an Historic England archaeologist.” (Barn Conversion leads to amazing find of a palatial Roman Villa, The

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