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3000 Year-Old Coffins found in China

Three sets of 3000 year old coffins were found in China’s central Henan province yesterday.  The coffins are one of the greatest historical finds in decades.   Excavations on the site have determined that it is a prominent family burial site from the Shang Dynasty.


The coffins were taken to a museum in Anyang city for more study.   According to the Xinhua news agency, it is very rare to find such well-preserved coffins from the Shang Dynasty.

Huge Archeological Discovery made today in Wiltshire England



Huge archeological discovery was made today in Wiltshire England consisting of a grand Roman villa dated AD 175-220.  This is one of Britain’s most important discoveries in current years.

The site was found after a couple living on the property decided to convert an old barn into a children’s playroom. Electricians cabling underground hit upon a set of mosaic tiles which prompted the excavation.  After much digging, the site appears to be a grand villla from a  Roman family of huge wealth.

“The Irwins’ house, created out of two labourers’ cottages, was built in the centre of the old villa and rests on a large slab of Purbeck marble, which is probably of Roman origin. According to the experts, the discovery is of “national significance.

The rest of the site has not been touched since the house collapsed more than 1,400 years ago, and it is unquestionably of enormous importance,” said Dr David Roberts, an Historic England archaeologist.” (Barn Conversion leads to amazing find of a palatial Roman Villa, The

For the Love of History: OUTLANDER – Starz Channel

Are you watching OUTLANDER on STARZ? You should be if you love history, costume design, and the Scottish highland culture. It is rich with Scottish history, beautiful Scotland scenery
and drama – of course.

Based on a best – selling series of novels by Diana Gabaldon, the tv series follows the time jumping Claire Randall as she mysteriously is transported from 1943 to the 1743 Scottish highlands.   Claire is dropped in the highlands where the Scottish and English are deep in battle.  How does she survive? Find out by watching OUTLANDER on Starz Network or Amazon.  Season 2 has begun!


500 Year-Old Shipwreck “Esmeralda” found

Portuguese Explorer Vasco da Gama’s ship “Esmeralda” has been found along with a treasure of over 2800 artifacts in the remote island in the Sultanate of Oman. Oman’s Ministry of Heritage & Culture (MHC), in cooperation with Blue Water Recoveries Ltd (BWR) of the UK, announced the discovery and archeological excavation.

“There’s coins, there’s armaments, there’s munitions, there’s personal objects, there’s organic objects. And we’re bringing in archaeologists and other experts to study the entire collection, so it will ultimately be in a museum and displayed for the public in a way where you’re really spelling out the entire history.” David Mearns, National Geographic grantee and shipwreck hunter, National Geographic 

The project has been jointly managed by the MHC and David L. Mearns of BWR and has been conducted in strict compliance with the UNESCO Convention for the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage of 2001.

vasco_shipwreck (1)

About Oman’s Ministry of Heritage & Culture

The MHC is the official government body responsible for the protection of Oman’s underwater cultural heritage and their management of this project represents the first government-led archaeological excavation of an historic wreck-site in Omani waters. Within the MHC an underwater archaeology programme has been recently established to begin the process of cataloguing and investigating sites of underwater cultural heritage throughout the territorial waters of Oman. Following conservation and analysis, the recovered artefacts will be preserved in a single coherent collection owned by the MHC for ultimate display in Museums.

About BWR / David L. Mearns

David L. Mearns is one of the world’s most experienced and successful shipwreck hunters and has led the research and discovery of 24 major shipwrecks around the world. He is best known for locating the wrecks of HMS Hood in 2001, the British bulk carrier Derbyshire in 1994, and the cargo ship Lucona sunk by a time bomb as part of an Austrian insurance fraud scheme. He was awarded an Honorary Order of Australia Medal for locating the wrecks of HMAS Sydney in 2008 and AHS Centaur in 2009. In 2015 he was a member of Paul Allen’s team that successfully located the wreck of the Japanese super battleship MUSASHI and recovered the bell of HMS Hood on behalf of the UK Ministry of Defence.

Blue Water Recoveries, Coinweek

It will be interesting to see where these artifacts finally find a home. Will it be the source country of the artifact? Does the source country still exist? Will the artifacts go to a museum in the country it was found in?  There are so many ways to argue where the actual artifacts will eventually be displayed.

For more information on the wreckage click here for the full article and links to the excavation on the National Geographic website.

400 Year-Old Caravaggio painting found in leaky attic


Caravaggio: Judith Beheading Holofernes (1598-99)
Caravaggio: Judith Beheading Holofernes (1598-99)

The art world is buzzing about the 400 year-old painting by Caravaggio found in the attic of French homeowners in Toulouse when fixing a leaky roof. Named “Judith Beheading Holofernes,” the painting bears a striking resemblance to other Caravaggio paintings such as “The Beheading of St. John the Baptist” and “David with the Head of  Goliath.”

The painting is said to have been painted between 1598 and 1599 and has been being studied for the last two years to confirm its authenticity. France has officially put an export ban on the painting and has listed the painting at a value of $136 million.